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CURRICULUM - Happy Harvard Preschool Hercules

Our preschool program provides many learning opportunities. The children are encouraged in all areas of development to explore and be creative. Daily art projects, singing and dancing (music), sorting, counting, estimation skills (math), hands on science, and phonics and letter recognition, listening to stories, are all a part of our specialized curriculum. Our preschool goal is to provide the best in emotional security, academic and physical development. All are in an atmosphere of warmth and love.

Our preschool provides teachers and parents with a monthly calendar that includes themes for the month. The staff also receives an outline of age-appropriate milestones on which to focus. The preschool teachers then use these materials to implement a weekly lesson plan, which is posted in each classroom. Preschool curriculum includes:

• Language Arts: Rhymes, Poetry Stories
• Beginner Reading: Alphabet, Phonics Letter Games
• Math Concepts: Counting Games, Math Puzzles
• Science
• Arts and crafts: Blocks, Painting, Colors/Shapes/Letters
• Dramatic Play, Music & Movement
• Social and Emotional Development
• Cooking
• Spanish & Chinese language art
• Playtime, in/out doors, depending on weather and needs
• Spanish and Chinese reading, listening & song development

In addition to the planned group activities the children will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in free play and individual play. Most our preschool classrooms incorporate the following centers: • Book Corner, • Block Center, • Manipulative Center, • Art Center, • Science Table. Music and creative movement is spontaneously used throughout the day.

Preschool Developmental Program:
The program at Happy Harvard Preschool is carefully designed to meet the developmental needs of toddlers, and preschoolers. Each age group has their own classroom and equipped just for them. The teaching staffs draw on their extensive background in Early Childhood Education, their creativity, and their careful observations of the needs of each individual child to plan daily activities. Attention is given to the growth and development of the whole child, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Children learn and develop new skills through play and their interactions with materials, each other, and their teachers, within the structure of a daily schedule.

Preschool Art Work:
Your children will be bringing home lots of art projects. It is very important that you respond positively to their creative works. At Happy Harvard Preschool we say, “It is the process not the product that should be valued”. Children pay little attention to details and accuracy so please no laughing or telling them what is wrong with their work. Sincere recognition and appreciation for their project brought home will promote the creative process.