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ABOUT US - Happy Harvard Preschool Hercules

Happy Harvard Preschool works a positive learning environment in all aspects. Our preschool goal is: learn through play and discovery, and use various mediums with an age appropriate curriculum.

At Happy Harvard Preschool, our objective is to set the stage for the child in an indoor-outdoor environment. We emphasize on the emotional, social, physical and cogitative development of young children.

Happy Harvard Preschool strives to continuously develop, refine and deploy an educational program that provides a strong foundation for your children to reach their highest possible potential in the future. The teacher challenges and reinforces the spontaneous development of each child capacities toward the habit of creative independent thinking, a positive self-image, attitudes of social cooperation and moral responsibility, knowledge and appreciation of people, things and events in today’s environment, and basic academic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Teachers and staff at Happy Harvard Preschool are selected on the basis of their education, professional training, experience, caring, and their compassionate way with children. Our staffs continue to improve their knowledge of child development through courses, teacher workshops, and regular classes in pediatric CPR and First Aid.

We at Happy Harvard Preschool cherish the notion of providing a developmental program that follows a strong academic curriculum within a warm and supportive environment in order for children to grow to their best potential!

Happy Harvard Preschool was founded in 1975 (35 years ago). Happy Harvard Preschool offers over thirty years experience in preschool education.

Our primary goal is to prepare our children to develop to their full potential as thinking, feeling human beings. Children are the best when they have an opportunity to be with others whose ethnic and racial backgrounds differ from their own.

Happy Harvard Preschool is located on spacious grounds that have been designed for young children to explore, see, smell, hear, taste and touch.

Joys of discovery will come to both teacher and child as they work together.

Our experienced preschool teachers who were thoroughly educated with an emphasis on young child development and psychology.
Pillow’s preschool convenient location provides easy access to both Hercules and Pleasant Hill Bart stations and highway 680 & 24 access.